Em Traumas da Face e Fraturas da Face

PB. Mariani, L.E.C. Pagotto, A.R.S. Colucci, L.C. Manganello-Souza.
International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Volume 34, Supplement 1, 2005, Pages 85
Impact Factor: 1,359


The purpose of this study was to evaluate and report our initial expe- rience with a resorbable fixation system in maxillofacial trauma. The specific goals were to evaluate the stability, complications, advantages and disadvantages of the use of resorbable. From January 2004 to January 2005 we operated 15 cases of facial fractures including 4 children and 11 adults from 4 to 53 years of age. Children were treated with a single 1.7 mm plate. The adults fractures evolved were 4 blow-out orbital floor fractures, 5 zigomatic fractures, 2 LeFort II fracture. Blow- out fractures were treated with resorbable mesh for orbital floor reconstruction. Zigomatic fractures and LeFort II fractures were treated with fixation in two points with 2.2 mm resorbable plate. We observed 1 case of superficial infection in angle mandibular fracture in a 7 years old child with Congenital Acquired Immunodefiency Syndrome, which presented a bilateral mandibular fracture. It was used Clindamicine 600 mg/day for 10 days to treat with good result. The others cases presented a good healing of the mandibular fractures with no mobility after a mean of 8 months post-operatively. In adult cases we observed one case of post-operative diplopia in very high supra-version, and the patient opted for no new surgical intervention. In one case of LeFort II fracture we observed what we considered a high level of maxillary mobility and opted for 10 days of maxillo-mandibular immobilization with successful result. Resorbable plates and mashes bring a good result in maxillofacial trauma in selected cases. In children there were more advantages because of the facial growth that is not affected with the fixation. In adults we opted in used resorbale material in fractures with no or minimal muscle influence in the estability. The complications observed were no related with resorbable material. More patients, more and extensive follow-ups is needed.

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